Custom Portrait Illustrations Gallery

Delicate and beautiful custom portrait illustrations for pets and people priced according to your needs and concept, from simple to elaborate.  Please get in touch through my Contact page for a pricing tailored to you, thank you.  <br>

Client brief: capture son's passion for planes and his beloved cat.

Client brief: combine her best friend's love of wine country with her three dogs.

Client brief: her dear friend adores shabby chic and this breed of cats.

Karl with Choupette portrait (not commissioned, example of head and shoulders human and pet option)

Client brief: Clementine the Boston Terrier with beautiful flowers setting.

Client brief: Capture the love of her beloved Grandma for her French bulldog Cosette.

Client brief: include herself with her two beautiful Alaskan Klee Kai dogs on their favourite street seat, feminine gown and nod to her love of Chanel and flowers.

Client brief: illustrate her adored Frenchie in his favourite red jacket in whatever simple and sweet setting suits.

Client brief: capture her love of ballet and include her family pets.

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